The well todayThe well today
Today the Khievak well is secluded in the courtyard of Nazira Madrakimova's cottage (No.107 on Uiltsa Abdullah a-Baltal) - a cheerful old babushka who reminisces about the times when tourists used to visit. The well is distinctive because its shaft starts off circular and becomes hexagonal and then square. Apparently there is a secret tunnel which leads from the well to the Kunya Ark, but unfortunately it remains so secret that no one seems to know its exact location.
If you plan on visiting the well, remember a non-financial gift for Nazira Apka as a small token of appreciation for her hospitality. Remember too the local proverb which states that if you throw a coin into the water you will be sure to come back again. Throw a coin into Shem's well and see what happens.
In front of the house look out for the grave of a 'calandal' (dervish or holy man) which is marked by several flags. Bibi Ravieya's grave is also nearby (behind the house) - she was Pakhlavan Mahmoud's mistress who was buried separately from her lover in a nondescript tomb.