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Facing the Allah Kuli Khan Madrassah, the Kutluq Murad Inaq Madrassah was the first of Khiva's two-storied madrassahs. Once fronted by bustling market stalls tucked into small recesses; traders wanting to leave their stall, would simply place a large stone in front of the shop meaning the shop was closed. Passersby rarely stole the displayed wares for fear of the various draconian punishments theft incurred.
The corner towers have rare terracotta tiles, rather than the usual glazed ones. Inside the madrassah is a 'sardoba'. This is an underground water storage facility, at the bottom of several steps, which provides a great escape from the summer heat.
Kuluq Murad Inaq, brother to the wealthy Mohammed Rakhim Khan, planned to be buried inside his Madrassah, but died outside the city walls. Local custom dictated that those who had died outside the city walls must be buried outside the city walls. At the time, the Kultuq Murad Inaq Madrassah was next to the eastern walls, and the enterprising Mullahs, wishing to fulfil the deceased Khan's wishes, had the walls knocked down near the madrassah, so that technically the body could be brought in and buried in the frontal porch, without ignoring local traditions.
Kultuq Murad Inaq was granted his burial wish. However, his grandson who was to become a Khan by the same name was not so fortunate...
Kutluq was an Inaq - one of the four right hand men to the Khan which always included two of the Khan's brothers. When his older brother Abdullah Khan was killed in battle against the Turkomen who had revolted under the leadership of his cousin, Kultuq Murad was made Khan.
He immediately routed the Turkomen, whose tribal leaders were soon pleading for forgiveness and promised to bring their penitent leader to the Khan's court to offically and humbly beg forgiveness. The auspicious day arrived and the Turkomen arrived at the court. The Khan was willing to forgive his cousin, but whilst locked in a concilliatory embrace, his treacherous cousin reached for his dagger and plunged it into the Khan's back, killing him on the spot. The incredulous entourage were so overwhelmed that the Turkomen attempted to seize them by force and it was only the quick witted Mehter (court orator) who clambered onto the Ark wall and shouted to the city population that their Khan had been heniously murdered. The incensed crowds stormed the Ark and a massacre of the Turkomen ensued.