Historic viewHistoric view
View from outside the wallsView from outside the walls
The southern gate of the old city is called the 'Tosh Darvasa' which means 'Stone Gate'. It was built during the Khivan renaissance of the 1830's under the auspices of Allah Kuli Khan, who also built the Tosh Hauli Palace and the Caravanserai.
By the 1960's the gate had all but fallen down and it has since undergone a roof replacement. There are twin stair wells on either side which provide access to the roof with good views of the desert and the southern half of the Ichan Kala. The city walls were the main burial place for those who died within them, although burial space was extremely cramped. There are numerous tombs, including those of holy men marked by tattered flags, and parts of the unrestored walls can also be seen.