Inside the Ota DarvasaInside the Ota DarvasaView from the Kalta MinorView from the Kalta Minor
View from outside the wallsView from outside the walls
The Ota Darvasa or 'Grandfather Gate' is one of the four situated on the Ichan Kala walls. In days of old, it was the one most subject to attack since it faced west towards the land of the Turkoman. During Soviet times the gate was knocked down in order to allow motor vehicles access to the Old City but was rebuilt in the 1970's as part of a general attempt to turn Khiva into a 'museum city'.
This gate is the main entrance for tourists and it is here that a ticket pass can be brought which allows admission into all the museums. Guides speaking English, Russian and German can be found loitering nearby and usually offer half-day or full day tours.