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Tucked away in the Matrasul Mirzabashi building lies Khiva's main antique carpet shop. Although such carpets can also be found in the puppet-maker's shop, the Ok Mosque and the Mohammed Rakhim Khan Madrassah, this collection is by far the most extensive. Run by a Turkoman, the shop offers a wide range of Turkoman carpets as well as saddle bags, yurt storage bags and camel head-dresses. There is also a modest collection of old khalats (jackets) and suzanni (embroidered pieces of material traditionally used as wall hangings). Khiva has never specialised in the craft of suzanni making and most come from Bukhara, Samarkand and the Koshkadarya region.
Prices vary depending on the carpet (and the customer!) but, as with other shops in Khiva, prices are usually cheaper than Bukhara. For carpets over a hundred years old, a document from the Ministry of Culture is needed if you want to take them out of the country. Make sure this document is provided with your carpet!