Ata Murad Matriza-i-Koshbegi MosqueAta Murad Matriza-i-Koshbegi MosqueDomestic house front doorDomestic house front doorMain doorMain door
This mosque was named after the Chief Minister of Khiva, Matriza, with the title Grandfather (Ata) Sir (Murad) Chief Minister (Koshbegi). Although rarely open to the public, this practical mosque is worth a glance. Built around a Khivan domestic design, the northern facing aywan stays cool for summer prayers while the inside quarters are used in winter.
Built in the eighteenth century, it leads on to a restored, traditional house, owned by the Ministry of Culture. Domestic doors were considered the 'face' of the house and were kept small to ensure that visitors must bow on entering as a sign of respect.