Standing in the shadow of the Kunya Ark watch tower, the Miras B&B (its name means 'cultural heritage') is owned by a craftsman called Corombeg, the chief restorer of the decorated ceilings in Khiva. Consequently the guest dining room boasts a dazzling, intricately patterned ceiling which is complemented by the richly patterned carpets made by his wife, Zulhamar. The guesthouse also contains six guest bedrooms with en-suite facilities.
Zulhamar has had plenty of practice cooking dishes for veggie-loving tourists, having hosted a vegetarian Operation Mercy volunteer for six years. The family have a small selection of English language videos and plans for a sauna. Corombeg is willing to take guests to the Summer Palace and other sights outside the Ichan Kala. He also has plans for the purchase of a yurt and camel for treks into the desert.
Bed and breakfast costs around $15 while the price for accommodation and three meals is around $20. To book, call (8 362) 375 7642 or ask for Zulhamar who has a small shop next to the Mohammed Amin Khan Madrassah.