Detail of carved pillar baseDetail of carved pillar baseStored wooden pillarsStored wooden pillarsArab Mohammed Khan MadrassahArab Mohammed Khan Madrassah
Arab Mohammed Khan MadrassahArab Mohammed Khan Madrassah
This unassuming madrassah was originally built in 1616 by Arab Mohammed Khan to celebrate the move of Khorezm's capital from Kunya Urgench to Khiva. It was later rebuilt in 1838 without the majolica tiling that typically decorates madrassahs of the same period. Its blank, brick walls and the stored wooden columns that litter the entrance give the appearance of an abandoned film site. Yet tucked away in an inconspicious madrassah cell protected with an new iron door lies a stunning collection of antique treasures. If you speak Uzbek or Russian the museum curator is more than happy to provide a tour.