Built in 1884 this collection of mausoleums acts as a storeroom for rusty bed frames as well as a family grave for several generations of Khans. It is the last resting place of Mohammed Rakhim Khan II (also known as Feruz Khan) who is entombed alongside his father, the unsuccessful Sayid Mohammed Khan, and his kind hearted twelve-year-old son, Temur Gazi. They lie in a simple white crypt decorated with the blue, green and turquoise majolica tiles. Having died outside the city walls they were not buried within the Ichan Kala as directed by local custom. One of Feruz's couplets is inscribed above the entrance, 'If I go to everlasting rest, may my spirit forever recite my poems by heart'.
Temur Gazi's TombTemur Gazi's Tomb
Islam Hoja's tombIslam Hoja's tomb
The ensemble is named after Feruz Khan's mentor who is also buried here, as are the noble Vizier, Islam Hoja and Feruz Khan's womanising son, Isfandir. Like the others, they died outside the city - Islam Hoja was unfairly assassinated upon the orders of his son-in-law, Isfandir Khan, while Isfandir himself got his comeuppance at the hands of the Turkoman Junaid in the Nurullabeg Palace. Isfandir had previously prepared his own crypt within the Pakhlavan Mahmoud's complex where his mother and sister lie entombed, whilst his intended tomb lies empty.