Situated next to a 'hauz' (pool) this open air restaurant with a distinctive blue tiled dome makes for a pleasant break from sightseeing. Although the adjacent hauz lacks the atmosphere of Bukhara's Laby Hauz, when the fountains work it can be a refreshing change from the heat and dust of the Ichan Kala.
The restaurant offers the usual fare of local dishes and salads including some which are only eaten in Khorezm. Amongst the latter are 'tukhum burek', a tasty egg ravioli served with yoghurt, and 'shortosh', lagman noodles made with herbs and also served with yoghurt. If you're not sure what to order or unclear about the names of Uzbek dishes, ask to have a look in the kitchen. The best selection is at lunch times and the restaurant also serves wines and good ice-cream. A word of warning; the chairs are slightly unstable and will clatter over if you attempt to hang a heavy bag over a chair back.
Egg RavioliEgg Ravioli
Lagman noodlesLagman noodles
Selection of dishesSelection of dishes