The sun beat down on the fields as three anxious brothers, Pekhadeen, Shamshideen and Nizamatdeen, surveyed their wilting crops. The fields were in dire need of water but this was the height of summer and rain was non-existent. What was worse was that next to their parched fields were the bounteous crops of one of the main land owners. Notoriously cruel and selfish, he would never share any of the water gurgling through his various irrigation ditches from the nearby canal.
In desperation, the three farmers decided to secretly syphon off some of the water to feed their own thirsty land. However, a servant spotted their shallow trench and dragged them off to be confronted by his master. The three culprits fervently prayed for God to save them and, just as the greedy landowner was storming towards them, a miracle happened. Although it was the middle of summer, clouds appeared and it began to rain. The torrents poured down, flooding the land owner's fields and surrounding fields alike. Soon it was impossible to tell where the water in the brothers' fields had come from and the case was dropped.
The local community, always quick to admire those who try their luck and get away with it, were amazed at the favour shown by the Almighty to the three brothers. Forever after they regarded them as holy men, ensuring that they were buried together in an auspicious mausoleum.