Firstly, a big thank you to Lukas Engqvist, former director of Operation Mercy Khiva, for initiating this project and providing helpful advice along the way. Thank you too for designing the introduction and the Guidebook menu page. We wish you every success in web page design back in Sweden.
Many thanks to David Mikosz and all at IREX (International Research and Exchanges Board of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State) for your generous grant and belief in the project, as well as hosting it on your server.
Also a big thanks you to David Alexander, a retired publisher and editor who graciously agreed to his nephews pleas and volunteered his expertise in editing sections of the guidebook.
An official thank you to the Khiva Mayor's office, particularly to Mr. Begjanov for all your hard work and assistance in negotiating reams of red tape to get us on that helicopter for the aerial shots. We hope you like the finished product!
Thank you to the publishers who have allowed us to use photographs taken from the intruiging collection, 'Khiva Caught in Time', edited by V. Naumkin 1993. Well worth a read!
A very personal and heartfelt thank you to the Operation Mercy team here, especially for your patience and understanding leading up to our frenetic deadline.
Finally, 'katta rakhmat' to the Director of the Ichan Kala, all the various guides, Khiva encyclopedia staff, museum attendants, old grannies with stories, mullahs, host families and anyone else who has shared their tales, cultural insights and historic research with us about this incredible oasis city.